I believe that the world of tomorrow will be what the children of today grow up to make it. I also believe that parents, teachers and caregivers play a pivotal role in shaping that world. I have, therefore, developed and deliver a series of unique training seminars to provide students,
teachers and parents with the skills and tools that will help them to successfully fulfill their
important roles in the world today.

I honestly believe that teachers have the most important profession in the world today. Each
teacher impacts history, because they help to shape the history-makers. We also know that teaching is a mostly thankless job that requires a lot of commitment.

Through my workshops, I work to encourage teachers in their important profession, as well as
give them the tools that they need to do the job effectively, and to remind them of the vision for why they are teachers. I try to give them the view points of the students and help them to see the unique challenges of being a teacher through new eyes.

My methodology is that of interaction and fun. I believe that it is a crime to bore people! I have discovered that the lessons that stay the longest with people are the ones that are learned in a fun and creative way. I therefore ensure that a successful seminar is an event to remember! – Because people learn best what they enjoy most!

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